I recently had the opportunity to present a talk on Event Sourcing at Java User Group in Frankfurt.

My slide deck is available on Github, and I would very much appreciate your feedback and/or pull requests.

In case your are interested, I will be giving this talk again in Feburary next year together with Benjamin Reitzammer, at the Entwicklertag Frankfurt

Using Git hooks to keep your build stable

2013-08-13 by Johannes Seitz

A little known fact is that Git supports client-side hooks to execute a command line script before certain commands such as commit or push. This feature can be used to perform additional quality checks on your codebase. What's way cool about it is that Git will actually cancel the ...

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Resisting marshmallows is hard. Adopting TDD, too.

2013-04-10 by Johannes Seitz

We are not as rational as we think we are. Or as Dan Ariley might put it: We're All Predictably Irrational. The other day I read "Die Kunst des klaren Denkens" (lit: The art of clear thinking) by Swiss author Rolf Dobelli. One of the common logical fallacies Dobelli ...

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An Odyssee of Android testing

2012-05-01 by Johannes Seitz

A few days ago I started developing my first native Android App. Finally a green field project! Finally, an opportunity, to do things right! Finally, a project I could develop in a Test-Driven fashion without the weight of any legacy cruft slowing me down! Or so I thought...

With a ...

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Resolving the Jenkins Xcode License Agreement Issue

2012-04-06 by Johannes Seitz

When I set up a new Jenkins CI Server on OS X in order to build iOS Projects I ran into some trouble.

The combination of Xcode 4.3, the Jenkins Xcode Plugin 1.3.1 and the Jenkins CI Version 1.458 does not seem to play well together ...

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Brilliant talks on Software Engineering

2012-03-12 by Johannes Seitz

I love to watch talks on software engineering. To me, they're a great source of inspiration and knowledge, I can just cram somewhere into a quiet evening on the couch.

I found it quite a discovery that so many videos of talks I deem absolutely brilliant are available on ...

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Slides: Writing Testable Code [Updated]

2011-08-26 by Johannes Seitz

I recently prepared a presentation entitled "Painless Testing - Writing testable code" for work and I would like to share it with you. There is a Python Version of and a Java Version the slides available.

These slides will require an HTML5 capable browser such as any recent Mozilla Firefox, Google ...

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Apologies and a clean slate

2011-08-02 by Johannes Seitz

I do apologize for not blogging more the last year or so. This post, half apology and half promise, marks my comeback to blogging. Read on if you are interested in what I have been up to and what I plan for the future.

From grand aspirations to sudden realizations ...

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Johannes is a Freelance Software Engineer working in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

His passion is developing high quality Mobile- and Web applications using lean and agile approaches.